dimanche 19 décembre 2021 20:00
68 Art Auction , Rue Joseph Mathieu 1300 Limal
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"Important sale of the 45 rpm collection of a Belgian amateur who collected them since 1959 according to his tastes and following the news. This collection covers the Rock 'n Roll, British and American Pop periods, the French chanson with an escapade at the "yé - yé" as well as many successes having been classified at the first places in the charts. It extends until the beginning of the 1990s.

The records are in good condition. Little listened to. Original covers in most cases. This is a collection that has lived and enjoyed its owner.

These 45's have been stored in a wooden box for sometimes more than twenty-five years minimum, in the living room of the house.

We give the title of the A side, often the most known, unless necessary. Estimates are based on analyses of recent international sales.

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